Million Patriot March Prologue…

It was a cold day in November of 2008 when I first coined the term “Million Patriot March” due to the outcome of the presidential election that year. The idea came from the original “Million Man March” which took place in Washington DC on October 16th, 1995. They succeeded in drawing over 800,000 men that assembled on the National Mall that day for 12 hours of speeches from a lot of famous black people.

I think it is ironic that a man that goes by the name Santa assembled a peaceful protest that lasted 30 days on the very same National Mall that has supported millions of people protesting over the years including the original Million Man March.

On June 4th of this year a prayer of mine was answered that I have been praying since 2008. That prayer was for someone to START a movement to restore our Constitutional Republic and was the same Santa that protested on the Mall with a group of dedicated Patriots.

It was June 4th that I made my way to Bunker Hill WV where the Base Camp for the Movement is located. I had a special delivery onboard which would become the first of many surprises for the great people willing to put it ALL on the line for the Republic.

The weather for June was exceptionally hot and during a Livestream there was a lady who was so uncomfortable from the heat she was crying. That broke my heart and put the wheels in motion to give the Patriots relief from the relentless sun.

The surprise in the back of Big Blue was a large tent that we owned and donated to the Movement. It was also my first visit to camp which made it a special occasion. Once there I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people including Santa who have since become FAMILY to me and my wife Ms Q.

Since then I have been witness to a lot of growth and change in the 1776 Restoration Movement. There have been mistakes made as part of the growing process but all in all the entire thing has been a complete success SO FAR.

The future of the Movement is bleak unless we get thousands of people who are not afraid to address their grievances in public to an out-of-control government. Everyone in the country is living through the results of a FAILED federal government and a lot of people are on social media complaining about it.

The Million Patriot March has been included in the fight for FREEDOM by joining forces with the two most powerful Movements for the Cause. The 1776 Restoration Movement headed by Santa (David Riddell) and the J6er Movement which is a large group of organizations all fighting for and supporting the people who are unduly incarcerated for their involvement during the January 6th protests.

The J6er group includes a group of very special people gathered around a very special lady named Micki Witthoeft who is the mother of ASHLI BABBITT. She is the lady who was unjustly shot and killed by a Capitol police officer while inside the Capitol.

Million Patriot March stands with both of these groups in solidarity to take on the illegal administration and restore our Constitutional Republic to it’s former GLORY.

More later…