First Things First…

My name is Oro Cas and I thought it was time to start writing. My style of writing and what I share here may not be “the norm” here on Word Press but I have never really been normal so here goes…

To fill this space on a regular basis I have decided to share not only stories and tales of my life but also a slew of pictures and videos, along with many things I talk about and share on social media.


Take for instance this lovely piece of art I found on FB this morning. I think this picture is worth more like millions of words instead of a thousand.

The so-called war on drugs was a totally failure that cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars over the years. The results we have today from that war are depicted above in what some would call a very exaggerated way but for anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation as the one above then the level of exaggeration falls noticeably.

I have been involved with cannabis in one form or another since my first toke on a joint at the age of 14. That’s a story for another day but my point is I am a walking library on the subject and most things associated with it.

I want to cover all topics I find important at the age of 55 and I think some of those topics may surprise some of you, but that’s the whole idea here. As stated before, there will be pictures, videos, and lots of stories as I try to make this little space happen so stay tuned… I’m just getting warmed up…

more later…

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