Thank You and What’s Next


I want to start this post with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has taken an interest in my site. The recent growth of my likes and follows is incredible and I feel very fortunate to have so many people that have taken time to pay attention to my blog.

Once again THANK YOU all !!!

On to what’s next.

Over the past weekend it was decided to bring back an old friend. Our first internet radio show took place Sunday night after a long 3 year absence. Before that we had spent 5 years on Blog Talk Radio producing a variety of shows including a trucking show and also a gold mining show.

Our audience at the time numbered well over 280,000 from 18 different countries and was growing rapidly but we had to put the whole thing on hold in mid 2015 for personal reasons.

Today we have multiple reasons to fire up the BTR switchboard and pick up where we left off with the addition of a new topic and show to match.

Our biggest focus heading into the second half of 2018 is on the crypto currency market and Bitcoin. There are two companies and a very large group of good people we are presently working with to accomplish multiple goals.

The first is a company called Crypto World Evolution which deals with licenses for trading Bots that work with Bitcoin and all other alternative coins in the crypto space. The best part about working with my Bot is the fact I always have control of my Bitcoin because of a company called Binance which is a crypto exchange. Whenever working with an exchange you always maintain control of your funds.

The second company we consider “First Tier” is UNIFII .  This company has two specialties that are both crypto friendly. They offer educational material about Bitcoin and trading coins and also tried and true trading signals for different alt. coins so the Bot can perform at it’s peak with the best choice of coins to trade.

The group of people we are currently working with to promote these two companies is lead by a professional marketer who has created an eight figure income in the 21st century. He has a very large group of people who have been with him for years and have the nice bankroll to show for it.

Mikes biggest project is his marketing funnels that his team builds for anyone interested in having one. The funnel allows for someone to market with a hands off approach as there is no need to explain what you are offering. He has made these funnels available to everyone on our team and they work really well.

2018 is really looking up on the financial front as we introduce people to our opportunities by way of the radio shows and with the help of a great bunch of people.

Join us, won’t you…

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