Hell Froze Over!!! Maybe

I woke up yesterday morning the same as I do every day about 10 am and wandered out to the kitchen to fire up the coffee pot. As I was passing by the dining room table I glanced, as I do every morning, at the daily paper laying face up with the headlines easy to read. What caught my eye wasn’t the headline for the day but a teaser line at the top corner of the paper placed there to guide the reader to the story on a following page.

What I read on page two caused me to stop and consider if something I had heard and even said over the years had come true.


Yes for a moment or two I figured it to be true because the teaser headline read “Maryland Looks To Legalize POT”

I read the story and it turns out people really are waking up to the potential of legal cannabis. It’s pretty much the same as legalized gambling. It’s good for everybody on many different levels.

Maryland is in the process of setting up its medical cannabis program and it is happening at a snail’s pace. People like myself wait patiently while the lawmakers and politicians drag their feet taking years to set up what took Colorado weeks to figure out. How to create and market legal weed.

How much pain does one have to be in to be considered “chronic” pain and what exactly does that term mean ?

Let me take a few minutes to explain my version of “chronic” pain.

When I was eight years old I fell through the ice on a small stream and almost froze to death. That was my introduction to pain that is explained these days with numbers. You know… the 1 to 10 scale anyone with chronic pain can relate to. It was the first time a Dr. ask me to describe my pain with a number. After I thawed out my number was an 8 in most places and a 10 in my hands and feet.

My next major source of lifetime pain came from a fifty foot fall I took when I was twenty. I bounced 3 times on the way down from a perch on a carnival ride I was working on, breaking something else important every time I bounced. More on all of these stories coming soon in a book.

The last big event that left me with a lifetime of miserable nerve pain was the direct hit I took from a bolt of lightning in 2001 which left me smoking and dead for 10 minutes in the remote camp my wife and I were in. It is true each of these events is a huge story by its self but for now I am sharing them to give my readers an idea of the amount of pain I endure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so far.

Chronic pain is only one of many medical reasons people use cannabis and THC in one form or another. I would type the meds off my fingers to make a full list and I’m not even sure anyone knows everything to make such a list. The point is it is huge and growing every day.

Maryland is joining a growing list of states that have wised up to the fact that the money available to be made in taxes, research, marketing, and consumption are enormous and it is about time the citizens of Maryland enjoy the benefits of all that money and the free use of cannabis like the other five or six states that have had the gumption to go full-blown legal.

In closing I think it is safe to say that Hell is still fairly warm and “FREED WEED” is about to be a reality in more places including the Free state of Maryland.

Here is the full story from the Washington Post.


Maryland Lawmakers Push For Recreational Pot


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